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A Unique Mining Process

The Mints or MNT Token is the life blood of our decentralized multiplayer infrastructure. It ensures that our platform remains reliable and provides the Mints ecosystem with its own demand and self-sustainability.

Mints or MNT tokens can be used for developers to subscribe to our robust Multiplayer Infrastructure on a multitude of devices and form factors. This results in lower costs and massive time savings thereby allowing developers to focus on making great games while we handle the infrastructure and complexity.

Become a Service Provider and contribute to the Mints infrastructure by sharing your unused bandwidth and processing power.

Become an Active Client by connecting your wallet to the Mints Platform. Participate in our verification process and get rewarded simply by playing games!

Multiplayer Decentralized

By allowing gamers and service providers to participate in our unique mining process, we will create an ultra-robust, blockchain controlled multiplayer infrastructure rentable by developers.

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We Solve Problems

Plenty of computing resources and bandwidth on PC's and servers remain unused.

Mints leverages these unused resources for it's multiplayer infrastructure.

Writing your own network code and managing your own servers can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.

With MNT developers can be freed of having to write complicated network code and the infrastructure that drives it for a reduced cost.

Without interesting incentivization gamers can quickly get bored of a potentially great game.

Mints is unique as it rewards gamers that connect their wallets to their gaming accounts.

Cheating or broken matchmaking mechanics ruin entire gaming communities resulting in lost revenue.

The Mints Framework has an in built reputation system to improve fairness and help prevent cheating.

Limited infrastructure at game launch can turn a good game into a failure.

The Mints Platform can seamlessly migrate players to larger servers.

Meet our Team

Dan Shirazi
CEO/Lead Developer
Dan is a highly skilled full stack developer with over 12 years experience in Web Development with Microsoft technologies, and is also proficient in 3D and Solidity development. Dan has worked in various fields including Education, Stock Market ,Game and App Development. He is also the Co Founder and CEO of Evil Badger.
Ori Levi
Head of Marketing
Ori Levi is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in PR, SEO, and content marketing. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been trading altcoins for several years. Ori has been involved behind the scenes in a countless number of successful marketing and business development ventures, and has advised many ICOS and blockchain startups in 2017
Frank Bonnet
Technical Advisor
Founder and Developer of Dcorp, having advised several other successful ICOS, Frank Bonnet comes with nine years of experience designing, as well as building countless enterprise .NET applications. With a deep understanding of solidity and smart contract development, he is an essential advisor to our team. Frank has a business view with a developer’s expertise.
Hansco Leek
Operations Advisor
Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, currently investing in Ether among others. Successful stockbroker, entrepreneur and business owner. Has had great success trading and speculating on many markets. A co-founder of Dcorp, and a valued advisor of several successful Fintech projects and ICOS, he is a strong supporter of Mints and advises our team from multiple directions.
Shaul Shvimmer
Mike Balagna
Marketing Communications Advisor
Insightful and multi-talented, Mike has been phenomenal in giving shape to many innovative marketing ideas. A PR professional who has served as Marketing and Communications Manager for Dcorp, he brings value to Mints from multiple angles. He’s advised and managed in several projects in the Blockchain space, playing a strong role in many successful ICOS.
Roi Dalal
UX/UI Designer
Roi is an experienced graphic designer focused on UX/UI and data visualization. He has been involved in many innovative projects in the field of IoT, AI, E-Commerce and more.
Konrad Seweryn
Web Developer
Full-stack Developer With Master’s Degree in Computer Science and 10 years of experience in programming. Founder of CracSoft and CracTask. Big fan of Neural Networks and Machine Learning. He has been involved in many international projects.

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